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Your vibe attracts your tribe.

There are going to be people who hurt or dislike you for reasons that are beyond your control or understanding. I can't tell you why and there's a possibility that you will never know why. But that's OKAY.. because I want to remind you that there are also going to be people who are here for you for the long haul, the whole journey, the ups, the downs and the in-betweens. Those people are who you should focus your energy on. Life is too short to give your energy away to those who aren't meant to be a part of your journey. Let them find people who match their energy, while you celebrate life with those who match yours.

How to know someone is meant to be in your life:

  • Things aren't always easy, but you always manage to find common ground and feel good sorting out an issue with them.

  • It feels like they're in your life during ups and downs, not just one or the other. Things never feel "fair-weather."

  • They would never do anything to intentionally hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally.

  • You have mutual respect for one another and your views of life.

  • Having them in your life feels supportive, you know they care for your well-being and want to be in your life.

  • You're able to communicate openly even if you have different views or opinions.

  • This person has a positive impact on your life.

It can be hard, especially as an adult, to find meaningful connections and friendships. Know that there are others out there just like you, hoping to connect with someone with similar energy.

Attend events that welcome in like-hearted people, visit spots that have an energy that uplifts you, knowing that it'll likely uplift others too, and of course, put yourself out there. It may sound scary to put yourself out into the world if you're introverted, shy, or just don't get out much, but remember that it's less likely to attract your type of people by sitting at home or scrolling on a screen. Though others are doing the same thing, it's often hard to get a feel for people without meeting them in person.

You are a magnificent being, there are so many people in the world that will benefit from meeting you, never let the energy of one other person dim your light. Especially not if it's based on a made-up story of why they might not like you!

It's time to start writing a new story... "I attract wonderful, like-hearted humans into my life because..."

So much love,

Becky xx

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