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Studio Hours

Monday: 11am - 12pm

Tuesday: 11am - 7pm

Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: pop-up only

Studio Address

273 Grassy Rd.

Omemee, ON

(located just off Emily Park Rd.)


Text: 705-768-4900

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book for just a haircut?


If you're looking for a new hairstylist/typical salon experience, Aquarius may not be exactly what you're looking for. With our primary focus at Aquarius being energy work, high-quality hair colour services are a beautiful catalyst that we use to help shift the inner confidence in our guests to the outside. Hair colour services (that do include cuts) are a beautiful specialty and part of our experience, however, you won't find "just a haircut" on our menu.

What if I'm unsure of how long of a session I need?

If you're unsure of the length of the session you need, simply read out via email, text or Instagram message with a brief explanation of your needs and what you're hoping to achieve in your session. We'll be happy to help you book the correct length of time.

I'm nervous because I've never really done energy work before. How do I know if I'm ready or if this is the right place for me?

If you have that little pull in your heart, that tiny little nudge that keeps leading you to this webpage, or a full knowing that you're ready, but you end up freezing or too afraid to click the "book now" button... know that this is normal. Any type of change or unknown feels scary and a little bit uncomfortable. Know that the entire process will be explained to you at your appointment. Also know, that you can reach out via Instagram message to have a brief little voice note chat before you book to get you comfortable or to understand the process a little better.

You can also do one session and see if it's for you, with no obligation to rebook or judgment if you choose it isn't for you. If there's one thing I know, if your heart is leading you here, it's likely for a reason. And when it comes to up-levelling, expansion, and recentring onto your Highest path or timeline, the ego gets scared. Check out this video as a reminder of how normal this feeling is. It's about group healing but is just as relevant for 1:1.

What's the process if I sign up for 5-10 sessions?

Signing up for healing session segments is super beneficial because it allows us time and space to create a plan for your journey.
The process involves us connecting to your 
subconscious self, or Higher Self, to see what emotions, beliefs, patterns, and cycles are trapped or suppressed. This trapping of emotions happens when our nervous system simply can't handle processing the emotion in the moment, so it benefits us more to suppress it. We energetically release these from your past, through energy work or embodiment work. Once we've created enough space, we begin incorporating grounding techniques and embodiment techniques to move you into feeling more joy and abundance in the present. Once we've successfully done this, we move into manifesting the life you're feeling ready and worthy of living. 

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