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about Rebecca aka Becky



When you first meet me, you will be greeted by a big friendly smile! Don’t be caught off guard, if we meet in person I'll likely go right in for a hug too!

My mission is to help as many people as I can, including you, show up confidently as your true self, feeling grounded, confident and secure living your purpose and actively manifesting your dream life.

What do I mean by the itallic your?
I mean the dream life that is beyond your conditioned need for external validation, people pleasing, inherited beliefs, or playing small.

I completely understand what it feels like to manifest the dreams of others, thinking that maybe they are or should be your own. I know the empty feeling that follows, the desperation and urgency of latching onto a new dream hoping it's the "one" that ends up lighting you up or changing things.

The truth that I've learned through years of experience of deep inner healing work of my own, is that it takes true self commitment of de-programming all of the old stories, belief systems, conditioning and learned behaviour to really get to the bottom of who you are at your core, what truly matters to you, and how that you wants to live out the rest of this one life. Then, doing the work to allow you to feel open to receiving that life, to stepping into that version of you, and to stepping fully onto that timeline or trajectory of your life.

I know it may sound complicated when I lay it all out, and for me it sort of was. That's exactly why the other part of my mission is to help make this process as simple and straightforward as I can for every person I work with.

As the owner of Priestess Portal Academy and Aquarius Hair & Healing, a Reiki Master, certified Life Coach, published author, podcast & TV host, and creative being, I set the bar and continue to raise it for myself. I continue to ask myself, "How can this be easier? How can I break it down for my clients even further?"

I know my clients and students are ready to expand their lives, but I'm here to support them in not only expanding out of their old self and past and into manifesting a future they're proud of, but also to integrate and embody all their learnings in the now, to be fully present, and to gain the tools to continue on with this work, whenever they hit a bump in the road or come up against a tough lesson again - because they will - that's the human experience.

When I'm not working, you'll catch me slowing buzzing down my road on with my hubby on our golf cart, curled up with & our senior cat Tony, or traveling to experience tasty foods, sunsets & moonrises from all over the world. This coffee & travel lovin', cat mama can't wait to help you romanticize and squeeze out every last juicy drop of the life you're here to live!

Becky xx


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