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This page is for all things wellness and upping your energetic frequency! These are resources I have created or come across that I think you'll love! Please feel free to scroll through, listen in, etc. Will be updated as often as possible.

My Creations

These are some hard copy resources I've created that you can order online!

Affiliate links

These are some companies I'm affiliated with & love, so maybe you'll love them too!

Amazon affiliate links - your studio faves (click on photo):


These are some of my favourite podcasts that I think you'd enjoy listening to because they'll light you up, inspire you, & help support you on your journey.


These are some of my favourite non-fiction books that have supported me and my healing journey over the years, and I think you'll love some of them too!

Cycle problems? Start with code red.
Looking for a little energetic boost? Start with The Universe Has Your Back or Light is the New Black.

Some witchy goodness? Witch or The Kitchen Witch.

Deep into your healing & looking for a cool read? The Celestine Prophecy.

Ready to dabble in the world of healing knowledge? The Book of Chakra Healing or Living the Reiki Way.

Some nice support? You Can Heal Your Life or The Abundance Project.


These are a few meditations I've recorded to support you.

One with water meditation
Guided forest meditation
Today is a new day meditation
Box breathing meditation





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