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Delicate Fabric


Life Expansion


I'm ready to expand my life!

1:1 - 1 Hr Session

Who is this for?

  • Those who are feeling ready to release and heal from their past conditioning, generational patterning and trauma,

  • Those who are feeling ready to expand into their highest potential,

  • Those who are ready to experience magic in the mundane,

  • Those ready to up-level into the next version of themselves after shedding the old,

  • Those who feel their energy is expanding but are needing to bring it into their physical reality,

  • Those who are ready to live and create their dream life,

  • Those ready to be fully in their power and grounded in every present moment

What does it entail?

In this session a number of modalities may be used depending on your personal needs. Becky will intuitively check in with your energy, as well as Creator energy to see what is most optimal for you in every appointment. Together, you will decide what best suits you that day. She may use any number of techniques she is experienced in including, but not limited to: muscle testing, sway and emotional release techniques, hands on or distance Reiki, Reiki energetic healing symbols, Gypsy Reiki, chakra balancing & aura cleansing, guided meditation, Oracle cards, and more.

During each session she will explain each technique to you as needed for your comfort & understanding. She will always ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the entire process. 

How do I book?

This session can be requested for in person OR virtual (video call)! Both can be requested through the same button below. If you're opting for a virtual video call appointment, please include the best way to reach you through video be that FaceTime or social media. *You can extend this session by half an hour by requesting 1.5hr.
**Virtual sessions must be pre-paid upon booking.**

1hr - $120 CAD
1.5hr - $180 CAD

Distance Healing Session

Who is this for?

  • Those feeling any of the points listed in the 1hr session above

  • Those who aren't quite ready for the vulnerability of an in person session

  • Those who don't feel like they have the time to commit to in person healing 

  • Those who are curious in doing inner healing work but would rather do it from afar

  • Those who have done this work before and know that energy work can be done without contraint of time or space

What does it entail?

A powerful, intuitive session where the healing is done without your physical body being present. During this session, the healing is intuitively guided and channelled by your practitioner. Trapped emotions and beliefs are released for you through connecting to your Higher Self through Soul permission. During this session many different healing modalities may be used and are not limited to the ones you see listed for in person sessions. You will receive a combination of any or all of the following: notes explaining what healing has been done for you & what modality(ies) were used, healing work or exercises that may need to be done at home as well as how to execute them on your own, voice notes & photos if tools were used that need photo explanation. During a distance session you do not have to be mentally or emotionally present, however, you may choose to sit or lay in stillness or meditation during your session as well. You will still receive all of the healing necessary regardless of which option you choose.

You may send notes prior to your session if there is something specific you’re hoping to do work around, or you can just ask that whatever healing is most optimal & ready is done.

Your healing is not limited to this exact present moment, as it may be optimal to work on generational trauma, inherited family cycles, past life karma that is effecting you in this moment, energetic cord cutting from past relationships or encounters, early childhood or inner child healing, as well as present time emotions or beliefs, etc. 

How do I book?

Distance sessions are done via "Soul permission" and you you do not need to be present for them at all. There is no video call, the practitioner does the healing for you. This session can be requested through the button below under by ticking "Distance" in the request form.
**Distance sessions must be pre-paid upon booking.** 

$120 CAD

Business Sessions

Who is this for?

  • Service based business owners / entrepreneurs

  • Those looking to align their heart & their career

  • Those struggling with connecting to their dream clients

  • Those struggling with their online presence or funnel / finding their gaps

  • Those needing assistance with web design or tweaking (platform specific)

  • Those seeking a fresh perspective 

  • Those looking for an intuitive business approach that's less rigid

  • Those looking to align their cycle energetics with their business

What does it entail?

These sessions can be booked in 1 or 1.5 hour durations. During your first session we will assess what areas you feel you're struggling with in your business.
Depending on your needs, future sessions may include any or all of the following: energetic alignment or belief work, market research, refining your ideal client, building a website together, tweaking your website, refining your specialty, refining your social media strategy (or building one), refining your brand and values, looking into how you show up online,  how/if you show up in your unique self or purpose, diving into your specialty and what makes you shine, etc.

How do I book?

This session can also be done in person OR virtual through a zoom call. Both can be requested through the same button.

1hr - $150 CAD
1.5hr - $225 CAD

To request the Fused Beauty packages price menu, request via email below.

Enter your email to receive the price menu. (You'll be redirected to the pdf with booking link.)

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