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Group Work, Trainings & Retreats

Your energy healing home - heal yourself through connecting, being heard, through energy attunements and activations, by gaining confidence through knowledge, all while being held lovingly in this Sacred space.

Spring moon circles are currently closed for March - May - but keep an eye out for pop up circles!
Registration for Summer moon circles will open mid May for June - August.

If you're looking for a circle, training or any type of group work you don't see, please feel free to reach out of fill out the form below.


Summer Moon Circles
$226 + hst
(includes all 3 circles)

Fri. July 2nd @ 7pm
Tues. July 18th @ 7pm
Tues. Aug 1st @ 7pm

This summer segment of moon circles is the June full moon, July new moon & August full moon. This is a "closed" circle group, meaning that you sign up for all three circles to assure that the group remains the same for the entire season. This allows for deeper, more intimate connections & comfort.

Connect with like-hearted humans, releasing with the moon, welcoming in new loving energy while being held in Sacred space & sisterhood.

During each circle we work with the astrological moon theme, meditate & journal together, speak & hold one another in full love & support, as well as pull oracle cards for one another over tea.

Each circle will end in self Reiki, or a creative project as well as a burning ceremony. (Weather depending.)


Reiki Level 1 - in person
$300 + hst

Date: TBA (sign up below for updates)

Spiritual, mental, emotional & physical balancing to ease dis-ease in the mind, body & soul. 

The purpose of Reiki is awakening & enlightenment

What you will learn:
Living the Reiki way

How to call in protection
Reiki principles

Reiki treatment placement
Become attuned to the energy

Give & receiving Reiki treatments.

Energy exchange - $300

Prerequisites: None. 

If you're interested in beginning the journey into spirituality/healing modalities, Reiki I is a beautiful place to start. Through the Reiki attunement process, you will be opened up to the free flow of Reiki energy to give yourself, your loved ones & pets Reiki treatments. 


Reiki Level 2 - in person
$600 + hst

Date: TBA (sign up below for updates)
6 hr day or broken up into two days.

During Reiki level II your chakras are opened up and aligned with new Reiki symbols to further allow more flow of the energy through your second attunement. With your second degree, you're able to do distance healing for others a well as use healing symbols in your practice. 


What you will learn: 

Reiki healing symbols

Distance healing & Soul Permission

Meet your Reiki Guide 

Become further attuned to the energy


Give distance sessions.


Energy exchange - $600  Prerequisites: Usui Reiki

Level 1


 If you're looking to incorporate Reiki into your current practice or offer it on its own for an exhance, Reiki 2 is waiting for you.

To sign up for the waitlist, send your details at the button below.


Fused Beauty Healing 
$1440 + hst

Includes 12 1:1 sessions + extras

Healing sessions for beauty professionals looking to bring energy healing modalities to their service based business.

The concept of Fused Beauty is having the tools and modalities to fuse inner beauty and outer beauty within the same appointment time frame to offer clients energy work during the services they love. 
However, we can't skip over the first, most important step, and that's leading by example. Through working through your own inner healing with a number of different modalities throughout the duration of these sessions, you'll get to know and understand what energetic healing modalities align most with you. By moving through your own fears, stories and limiting beliefs, you'll get to know what works best for you and what you're most comfortable with, as well as learning through experience to be able to offer confident support to your guests on their healing journeys. 

You'll also gain perks to healing trainings and offerings at Aquarius. 


Hairstylist Classes

Dates: TBA Sign up below for updates 

The local hair class you've been waiting for.

Hair techniques, formulations/colour theory, retention & mindfulness all fused into hair courses designed for newer stylists, or stylists feeling lost or stuck in their career. 

What this class will cover

The 3 C's of retention

Foil placement simplified

Look & learn simplified foiling techniques to help your overactive mind & help simplify maintenance services

Colour theory q&a

Snacks/tea & coffee provided


Energy exchange - $ TBA 

Prerequisites: Completed hairstyling certificate


 If you're looking for support in the hair industry but have been struggling to find a mentor that aligns, this class is waiting for you.

To sign up for updates, send your details below.

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Interested in a group workshop, training or retreat that you don't see listed? Send an inquiry below!

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