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You were always enough, you simply forgot.

You're not a problem that needs to be fixed, a hot ass mess, or responsible for the problems of the world. What if you're here to just be? What if healing yourself is simply remembering that you are worthy of living life to its fullest?

With the holidays approaching, I felt called to write this blog post. I know the holidays can be a messy mix of emotions for many. I'm here to remind you that you're not responsible for holding it all together. You're not responsible for fixing your family. Nothing needs to be anyone's perception of "perfect." Someone else's opinion of you is simply that, THEIRS. It isn't yours and it isn't yours to carry or worry about.

What if this holiday season you focus on your own happiness? What if you focus on doing what allows you to feel happy and at ease, and then, what if you share that with those you come into contact with? I know we make it seem like it's so damn hard, but what if it's actually really that simple? You focus on your wellbeing, in the healthiest ways you know how and share that with those in your world. How freeing! Doing things simply because they bring you joy, bring you happiness, allow you to truly live your life in the ways that feel most aligning. Could that really be possible? I don't see why it couldn't. If we can create the opposite, surely we can create ease, joy and flow.

No more feeding into drama stories. No more being the rescuer, the persecutor or the victim. Just being fully, authentically you, in alignment and in your joy. Remembering that you are worthy of every second of this goodness, regardless of what you've told yourself in the past, regardless of what others have told you or showed you. You're able to just remember that you are worthy of living a full, aligning life, just because.

Have you made mistakes? I'm sure you have, but haven't we all? You are not your mistakes. You are a pure energy in human form. You were born to live this life. You were born worthy of fully living this life. It's okay that you forgot. We all forget sometimes. Repeat this: "Dear self, I apologize for forgetting that you are and always have been worthy and enough. I remember this now and promise to do my best not to forget again." I'd also encourage a little self hug here.

Your life's purpose isn't to spend your entire life finding things to fix. It's to remember what's in your heart. It's to connect with like-hearted humans and share this life with them. It's to do whatever the hell your heart says "hell yes" to, even if it doesn't seem productive, like it moves you forward, or even if it doesn't really have a single other 'purpose' other than to bring you joy.

Your experience as a human being is just that... to be a 'human' 'being.' Being, not doing, not fixing, not forcing, not struggling; being. Sure, learning things along the way as you go, but not taking things nearly as seriously as you are. Allow yourself to laugh, to joke, to mess up and find it funny, to create just because, to "be" in whatever ways your heart leads you.

I hope you have a beautiful holiday season, I hope you find joy, however you choose to be. Remember, you were always enough, you simply forgot.

Love to you,

Becky xx

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