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The changing of seasons - Fall Equinox.

As the air changes, we welcome the fall season with the fall equinox. This is a time of equal light and dark, a time of balance. But mostly, it's a time of reflection for all you have to be grateful for. Before I dive into this season, I want to note that if you aren't really feeling the energies of fall because you're in a different season of your life due to your cycle or life phase, know that's entirely okay. Save this post when you do resonate with this season.

With fall we welcome in more of an introverted energy, as opposed to the extroverted energy of summer. We allow ourselves to begin slowing down, harvesting the fruits of summer, the fruits of our lessons learned, and memories made. It's important to lean into gratitude at this time. Recognize all you have to be thankful for, you may even find it beneficial to write out every single thing you're thankful for. Leaning into gratitude at this time allows for the integration of the summer season. You're able to soak up every last juicy drop of goodness and feel it in your body before moving on to the next season.

Journal prompt: What are all the things I have to be thankful for?

Fall also allows for a time of preparation before the winter season. Both have introverted energies, but the more we allow ourselves to prepare during the fall season, the more we can allow for slowing down even further in the winter season. This could include prepping meals, organizing, shifting schedules, planning, etc. Whatever type of preparation will ease your energy output in the winter season that feels best for you. In what ways can I support myself through preparation this season?

Fall is associated with the earth element. This means it's a beautiful time to tune into all things earth energy: grounding, using the senses, connecting back to the body, being in nature, cooking, taking care of physical needs, taking care of your physical space, and can also be a beautiful time to donate all the items that you no longer need. You may choose to make an altar or designate a specific shelf or space in your home to your earthly manifestations or intentions for this season. This could be with items that support your intention or desired feelings, items that remind you to stay focussed on your intentions or present in your body, words or things that bring you joy, or a combination of all. What is your intention for the fall? What items support this?

Of course, let's not forget the energies of letting go that fall brings. As the trees begin to release their leaves, we too can shed old energies that no longer serve or support us. Remember to give yourself grace, to tune into and remain present in your body as you feel into setting boundaries, to clearing old energies, and to stepping into allowance of being supported. Ways you can clear old energies: smudging your space or self, clearing rituals or protocols, letting go of or clearing out items that no longer support you, setting healthy boundaries with yourself or others, releasing energetic cords, choosing to make a decision, etc.

What am I ready to release in this season that no longer supports the best version of me?

Allowing things to begin slowing down at this time may feel uncomfortable, but know that it is natural. Just as nature slows, you too can allow yourself to slow down. If you're a woman reading this who has a menstrual cycle, know that you also go through this fall phase once a month approximately cycle days 19-24. Recognizing when this energy shifts can greatly benefit your body and energy levels, preventing you from hitting burnout. If you don't have a menstrual cycle, the moon's energy also brings a phase of fall every month during the waning moon. I'll be releasing a guided journal to assist with these transitions in the near future.

Ways to celebrate the Fall Equinox?

Allow yourself time in nature, if you can get out there barefoot, even better. • Meditate in nature or with the sounds of nature.

• Allow yourself to be fully present and practice gratitude.

• Bake or cook with earthy foods like root vegetables and spices.

• Light a candle in honour of your blessings and ancestors.

• Create an altar to celebrate your blessing and ancestors or with your fall intention.

• Decorate with fall items or bring in fall scents.

• Create a simmer pot or take a ritual bath.

• Cleanse/sage your space or self.

So much love to you babe,

Becky xx

Ps. If you love this blog post, leave a comment on what you love most, or what you'd love to see more of in this space! Or head over and connect with me on Instagram @beckylcoleman

Your favourite Equinox celebration

  • Creating an altar

  • Simmer pot or ritual bath

  • Baking or cooking

  • Anything nature

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