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Becoming a hairstylist.

This one is for the young girls who want to get into a trade. The smart girls. The girls who are being coaxed and coached to go to university. The ones who are being told that the trades are for people who don't do well in school. If you're someone who focuses on having good grades, does really well in school, and really think your passion is doing hair; this one is for you.

I was a smart kid. The kid who got angry to get less than high A's and then less than 80's in high school. My parents wanted me to go to university. My mom tried to convince me not to take any "bird" courses and my dad wanted me to get a scholarship and become some kind of doctor. As an adolescent, this is very confusing when you're not sure what you want to do with your life. I wasn't a glamorous teen, but I was very interested in colouring my friend's hair as well as chemistry. However, I didn't view a career in the hair industry as an actual "career" because of my parent's view on it, as well as the school system's view on the trades.

At the end of grade 11 I decided I was going to do it anyways. (After a few big cries; afraid my parents would be disappointed in me of course.) I told them what I was going to do. To my surprise, my mom was very supportive. I decided that if I was no longer going to go to university, I was going to drop down to college level courses to get my grades as high as I possibly could. So of course, the school didn't think this was a good idea. I should keep my options open and still apply to universities because I would likely be accepted. This was a fine and good idea if I WANTED to go to university, but I didn't. I stuck to my guns and took college level courses in grade 12; committed to get high 90's instead of 80's.

I have also learned recently that the school system encourages "smart" or "university bound" students to not do a co-op placement.. that co-op placements geared toward students who don't do well in school. Challenge this! If you want to be a hairstylist, or do any trade for that matter, challenge the heck out of this and get yourself a placement so you can see what salon life in really like!

Now; the most important part! Being a successful hairstylist requires you to be smart! Right, who knew!? Being a hairstylist is not going to work and having fun playing with people's hair all day and gossiping with the locals. Being a hairstylist involves chemistry, business, math, biology, and then all of the technical hair techniques. You deal with chemicals on people's skin every single day. You grow a clientele and build your own business whether you work for yourself OR someone else. You are required to work just as much on your business as you work in your business. You deal with the emotions of others, their deep, personal issues and experiences, their insecurities and how you can help improve them when they look in the mirror.

You become an ally, an entrepreneur, and a chemist.

Where you decide to take your career is up to you. You can decide to grow within the salon setting, open your own business, become an educator, or join or create a product brand of your own. There are a lot more avenues in the industry than most people think as long a you're dedicated to growth.

I am telling you this because being a hairstylist is a beautiful, fulfilling profession. It is hard work, but so many young people are pushed into it because they are given the false belief that it'll be easy. They spend a lot of money and time going to hair school just to go back to school for something else because they've been misguided. So if you or someone you care about is passionate about the beauty industry, share this with them. If they're determined, intelligent, or have a knack for beauty and certain this is the path they want to take, let them decide if it's best for them, because chances are they'll end up back here eventually.

Only you know what you were put here to do, don't overthink it. Allow yourself to live your dreams.

Your chatty stylist;

Becky xx

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