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Are women's circles the new girls night in?

It's no secret that circles and gatherings are taking the world by storm, gone are the days of gossiping over a cocktail, because what's in is deeper, judgement free connections over tea and tarot. Okay, not always tarot cards, but tea and tarot just sounds so cute together. Sometimes it's over tea and snacks, maybe some oracle cards, group meditation, mindfulness or gratitude, sound healing, gentle movement, journalling about a specific theme, releasing under a full moon, whatever float's your group's boat.

I recently found out about how open Jennifer Anniston has been about her "goddess circle" get togethers she's been having with her friends for the past 30 years. Whenever there's a big event they get together in circle to celebrate, passing around a talking stick, to talk about their hopes and dreams, and hold each other in scared space. She said, "The intention of a circle is to have a nurturing, non-judgemental place where women can be vulnerable and support each other while also enjoying fun and spiritual rituals together."

Now more than ever, women are craving that deeper connection, to be seen and heard in all that they are by like minded and like hearted women. We want to speak our truth without fear, let go of shame from our day to day responsibilities, and be supported in our dreams and ambitions in a judgement free space.

A circle usually consists of an opening ceremony, that often includes a prayer or blessing, and guidelines of the circle, the main ones being judgement free and confidentiality. What follows is really dependant on the theme or intention of the circle. It could have yoga, dance, journaling, sound healing with drums or singing bowls, breath work, crafts or vision boarding, talking out a specific theme or question, chanting, a fire, even snacks or a pot luck. The circle can be anywhere from 1-3 hours and ends similarly to how it began, with a closing ceremony that includes a prayer or blessing.

Attending a circle isn't the same as or about going to do deep inner healing work. Though some of the themes may sound that way or be healing or spirituality focussed, the difference with circle is that everyone comes as they are to hold space. The facilitator may have tools they use to aid in the circle activities, but they aren't going to give you one on one healing or coaching in front of the whole circle. The purpose of circle is to be held, supported, and loved without condition, and to share that in return with all those who attend.

If you're on the fence about circles, maybe try bringing up your thoughts about them to a close friend. If you don't think your entire friend group wouldn't be interested in doing one, maybe you and a friend can find one to attend in your area. Though some may sound a little out there or a little too "woo woo," to you, you never know when dipping your toe in may open you up to a whole new world of wonderful new allies. If you're in a season where you're "not looking to make any new friends," maybe it'll open you up to a whole new world of self love or self discovery.

If you're feeling the shift within yourself that you aren't really down for a gossip fest that leaves you feeling like you've just eaten McDonald's... you know, seemed like a great idea in the moment but then left you feeling gross and a tad regretful, maybe shifting to tea and tarot isn't such a bad idea to try... like trying a black bean brownie and thinking it's going to taste like beans, just to find out it actually tastes like a damn delicious dessert!

All the love to you my friend,

Becky xx

What's your preferance?

  • Gossip sesh

  • Circle

  • I'm new to this, but excited to find out!

For info on circles happening at Aquarius, check the upcoming "class schedule at the link below.

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