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Welcome babe, let's get started!

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Your first visit with us...

I'm so proud of you for choosing YOU!

Allow us to give you the exact experience you need to shift your energy!

At Aquarius, we take your energy seriously, but in a light and loving way. We meet you where you're at, help you get clear on whether you feel you're lacking clarity or have been struggling to break free from the past or to just release some funky, stagnant energy. We'll ask you exactly how you feel your energy needs to be shifted and how we can help you get there through our soul-soother energy services at each and every appointment. And if you don't really know? We'll help you figure it out.

 The Fused Beauty experience allows you to receive the full luxury experience of soul-soothing energy services as well as high-quality hair colour services.

We understand the importance of your time while prioritizing your wellness & personal development.

Your visit will begin as you're welcomed into our modern studio with a friendly squeeze. You'll likely notice the gentle scent of burning sage or essential oil cleansing spray, this is because the space has been energetically cleansed before your arrival. You'll be shown in, offered an energetic cleanse before being shown to your seat, and offered complimentary tea, coffee, water, or sparkling water. You will also be offered a complimentary assortment of gluten and gluten-free snacks during your visit. Unless of course, we're doing work virtually, then you'll be greeted with a big friendly smile and surrounded by the comfort of your own space!

After you're seated, we'll dive into a full hair consultation if you're receiving hair services, and if not, we'll move straight into what's currently on your heart or weighing on you emotionally as we begin our energy work consultation. We'll choose a healing modality based on whether you're feeling emotionally weighed down, simply out of sorts, confused or lacking clarity, or just feeling that your cup could be filled with some Universal loving energy. We'll also determine if you're in a phase of moving energy through, of receiving or a phase of transformation.
Transformative sessions are generally booked weekly/biweekly for maximum impact & results.

(*See the game changer session here.)

Because I work with the magic and energy of deep and lasting success and abundance, appointments can only be made through the appointment request form below. This form calls you to commit to yourself and allows time for us to ensure that we're the best fit for this journey of yours. The form is simple, it asks for your contact details, brief history and why you feel led here. 
If you're looking to book a group event or workshop, please see the experiences page to pay and register.



"This is an ongoing, beautiful process that I trust wholeheartedly in, and truly feel I may not have survived without it. Becky, you beautiful spiritual soulful human, you have no idea how grateful I am for you, and for sharing your journey and gift with me."
"Becky is a magnificent healer and has truly changed my life."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Becky. Her positive energy and passion for what she does is unwavering. If I could take an ounce of the love and energy she possesses and carry it into my own practice I will be forever grateful for her and the world she has opened me up to. If you are ready to take this journey I highly recommend you do so with Becky."


• Stand fully in your power, your magic and feel sure of yourself & your gifts
• Make an impact & share your magic with the world

• Break generational chains or patterns of fear, lack or doubt

• Heal your limitations & live an abundant life


Questions or concerns:

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What happens next?

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