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Fused Beauty Healing Sessions

Hi there! This page is for beauty pros or service providers looking to deep dive into their own inner wellness to up their current offerings!

Welcome to the world of Fused Beauty!!

Fused Beauty is a concept I created in 2021 that fuses trusted healing modalities with the world of beauty.

In the beauty industry many often say that, "the client pays for the hair and the therapy session is free."
But what if, that's an old story that no longer has to be true?

So many beauty professionals say that they originally got into the industry to help people, to help their clients feel better about themselves and feel beautiful.

What if we can take that deeper?

With Fused Beauty, it isn't just about offering that to your guests, but it's about being able to protect your own energy as well and lead your guests by example. Not only do you get to provide the services you know and love, but you get to go deeper by providing the inner beauty work that you know will make a lasting impact. You're able to aid in the process of others finding their self worth, as you journey through releasing limiting beliefs and stories that impact your own self worth. You'll move through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages, in non-evasive ways that you'll in turn, be able to offer to your clientele!

 Through doing inner healing for yourself, you'll become a clearer and clearer energetic channel which will prepare you for doing work with others.

But what if I'm not a beauty professional and offer other services?
This offering does not require a beauty industry background!

How many times have you you learned about something and been so excited to implement it right away?

I hear you, I see you.

When it comes to energy work, it's most important that we start with ourselves. We clear out all that no longer serves us, we move past all the stories holding us back, the fears getting in the way of moving to the next level and become centred and confident in our own Divine power. Through doing this, we learn so much along the way. We gain personal experience that we are then able to share through stories and in exchanges with the people we see day to day or in our work.

Because of this, this training starts off with a committed segment of personal one on one sessions. Through these session you will get to experience many different healing modalities, get a feel for what resonates most with you, for what you love and what you don't. You'll be able to experience what doing the inner work for yourself feels like before you leap into doing it with others, this way you'll understand the process and be better equipped to support those you work with.


You will also have the option to add on healing trainings as you go through these sessions or once they are complete should you choose to do so. This is not a requirement, as this is your journey and your path to move forward in the way that is most aligning to you. Of course, should you choose to partake in any of the healing trainings being offered at Aquarius, you will receive Fused Beauty perks. 


12 one on one sessions over a 6 month period.

These can be done in person or virtually.

(Schedule can be set biweekly, or altered depending on your schedule.)

instalment of $1440+hst CAD or

instalments of $750+hst CAD


Once you sign up for Fused Beauty one on one healing, you will get 10% off Reiki trainings as well as offered first availability for upcoming trainings. Upon completing your sessions, you will also receive 10% off content/business sessions to help you navigate your business and your new path. Lastly, upon completion you will receive a FREE copy of the newest or most current season of the Witch's Guide to journal to help you deepen your at home mindfulness practice.

When you sign up through the button above, you'll choose the date to begin your sessions, you'll then be contacted within 24 hours for payment information and to setup a session schedule before the appointment is accepted.

I can't wait to start this beautiful journey with you!

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