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Energetic Clearings
Commercial & Residential 

Image by Mia Baker


Have you ever had that feeling that the energy in your space feels "off?" It's a problem that Becky & Michelle have been hearing more and more from clients, friends, and family. Often times the statement has been followed by, "do you know anyone who does clearing for entire houses?" ... or offices, restaurants, individual bedrooms, etc. 

Clearings aren't something to be afraid of. Often times spirits get stuck or lost in between and are just looking for the easiest way out. We're able to clear the spirit(s) back to the void or to the light, wherever they belong. 

Clearings are something Becky's been doing for some time now through muscle testing and visualizations, for hair salons, spas, her own home, other's homes, and objects. She's become so comfortable with it that spirits often come to her spare bedroom to be cleared. 

Michelle has been aware of her abilities to sense and know what spirits are around and what they look like for a long time. Often time's she's even been able to know facial hair details, but it wasn't until recently that she's become comfortable leaning into and using this beautiful gift.

Together, Michelle & Becky can come into a space, see firstly if there is a presence or energy there, discover if it needs to be heard or get a message across, and then release and clear it back to the void or to the light. A white light protection will then be cast over, around, and below the space.

If you're interested in having a space of yours cleared, please fill out the form below.

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- The approximate size/square footage of the area to be cleared

- What the feelings are or brief history if desired (or just that it feels "off"

- Location

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