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Becky Roitz
Reiki Master, Life Coach, Hairstylist, Free Spirit, 
Witch (woman in total control of herself)

Hey you, thanks for dropping by! I'm Rebecca, but you can call me Becky! I'm a former full time, burnt out hairstylist who took some time out of the industry to gain knowledge, flow & perspective to now be following my heart & what brings me joy. At Aquarius, I offer 1:1 energy work & ceremonies, specialty hair & healing appointments, Usui Reiki training levels I-III, training for hairstylists, as well as group circles and retreats.

I'm here to help guide you through trusting the guidance of your Higher Self, recognize the signs of misalignment in your life, as well as learn to be fully present in your body and "the real world" while doing this work, so that you can squeeze out and experience every ounce of goodness life has to offer you.

You get to choose to follow your heart at any moment, to change your trajectory, to reinvent yourself as many times as you want. You are here to be human, to be present, to align your heart & your career, to fully live, and be in your power.

My mission is to live fully, in my full truth, to share my love & learnings with all it aligns with & in doing so, I hope to have a rippling impact on those I come into contact with, to empower them to do the same, inviting them to further that ripple effect.

When I'm not creating or sitting with awesome humans, I like to dance like I'm part of a latin or old rap music video, drink too much tea or coffee, paint, write, or create whatever is on my heart, socialize and spend time with my beautiful friends, travel the world with my wild and wonderful husband, and snuggle the shit out of our cat Tony. 

If I feel like an aligning ally for you, I can't wait for us to sit down together in whichever way you're drawn to! If you're just here to pop in and see what's on the resources page, I hope you enjoy! Know that you're here to do things your way, whatever that looks like for YOU. If you feel like our energies align and that I'd be a helpful catalyst for you on your journey, I can't wait for us to meet!


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