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Helping you gain the tools to heal your past & manifest your dreams.

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Hey babe, I'm Becky. I'm here to help you reconnect with your true self.

I'm a Reiki Master and energy worker. I've created a custom-curated system using my learned modalities to help you release and break free from your layers of learned mindset, stories, belief systems, childhood experiences, generational trauma and past life karma to allow you to get clear on who you are at your core. Through this process, we open you up to creating new, supportive belief systems, receiving the associated feelings and experiences, and playing an active role in manifesting the dreams that you, at your core, as your true self, really want to be living. 

Sounds complicated? It isn't. 

I've worked through this process so many times over the past decade, working out the kinks and complications so that you don't have to. That's why it's my mission to guide as many people as I can in this lifetime back to their innate confidence and living as their true selves - with ease.

"I cannot say enough good things about Becky and her healing practices! She's supported me so much on my healing journey and I don't think I would have made the strides I have without that help! So beyond grateful."


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Tea Time with Becky Podcast



Where we spill the tea on how to live a high lifestyle of: self liberation, living as your Highest self on your Highest timeline through energetic rewiring, living in flow and creating your reality. All in short episodes you can indulge in over your morning cup of tea. 









The Path of Alignment


Located through Ethereal Network TV - a new high-vibe streaming network! Watch Becky's brand new TV show the Path of Alignment - where she teaches easy ways to align your life through spiritual modalities, cyclical living, meditation and story telling with incredible guests excited to share their journeys with you!

Available Worldwide!

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